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The light of the last lighthouse is a adventure/parkour firts person game for Ludum Dare 46.


The light of the last lighthouse has been extinguished a long time ago here, take care of your lantern, it is the only light in this world, keep it alive and maybe you can light up the world too

designed and developed by Sandro Wainmaier
3D Assets:
-3D models: https://www.kenney.nl/
-3D Lighthouse: Poly by Google
-Intro/End: Fading Ligth by HitCtrl
-Ingame: Twilight Ocean by Michael Robinson Homingstar


The Last Lighthouse.zip 69 MB
The Last Lighthouse v1.1.zip 69 MB


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A really nice project. Haven't had any issues, the premise is sad but hopeful, the plaforming is good, really sweet work in the jam. :)